Photo courtesy of Hazelmoon Photography

Photo courtesy of Hazelmoon Photography

The only way to give birth!! These ladies are amazing!! My husband and I had one hospital birth and one home birth. The hospital birth was due to our previous baby having multiple medical complications. When we met our midwives we knew we were in good hands for our second birth. They went above and beyond what any ob or medical professional had done for us prior. They set us up and supported all the proper prenatal testing, gave us so much more education and support than the standard medical system every did. Every prenatal visit we spent at least an hour in their loving and supportive environment, answering all our questions and educating us how to do our best each step of the way. From the simple gestures of tea and hugs during our prenatal visits, to step by step reading materials based on our decisions and choices. They always listened and supported our decisions never pushing any of their views or opinions on us, giving us the facts and support we needed- so different from the medical system.

They came to our home and even included our dog in the pre-birth setup as well as helping us prepare our home. During our pregnancy we had anxieties and concerns which even outside of appointments they made themselves available to give us the support we needed. When that magical time came and we went into labor they were there, monitoring our baby and me to make sure we remained safe, giving me and my husband just the right words of encouragement and physical support.

The care after the birth was just as amazing and more, they had all the right tools to care for me and baby, they spent so much time and made the whole experience enjoyable, caring about each detail, and making sure we felt confident and comfortable with our postnatal care. Breastfeeding became a bit of a challenge for me and they support me thoroughly and reminded me the proper techniques to help get a better latch. They know and understand this process, there is so much love, skill, and more than I can express in words that midwives provide. They are amazing and so special! Homebirth was such a great choice for our family.

Physical Therapist - Penn Valley, CA


The knowledge, confidence, compassion and ease that the midwives made me feel empowered throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. I feel that I could not have had such a miraculous and life changing birth without the support of my midwives and the inclusion of my husband. My husband supported me with certainty, empathy & encouragement throughout the entire process due to the assurance and confidence that resonated from our midwives. I cannot say enough good things about Sierra Homebirth. My husband and I are forever grateful for the midwives. Highly recommend.

Teacher – Grass Valley, CA


I am so appreciative of our midwives and their apprentice for their care, thought and their professionalism. My wife and I were treated fairly, had multiple opportunities for education and understanding and ultimately had a successful home birth. Their care and honest enjoyment of their job is evident they assisted in 4 other births the same week as ours and still offered my wife and I the assistance we needed to bring our child into this world without fear or injury. During our preparatory visits we put our concerns on the table often debating issues that were challenging for us to work through as a couple. They offered an unbiased perspective and education to guide us without leaning one way or the other. I even had some significant challenges when a family member passed only weeks from our due date. I was overwhelmed in my concern and emotional trauma but in a phone call one of my midwives was able to talk me to a place of understanding and even offered a follow-up call to be sure I was ok. There are few things that will challenge your marriage like pregnancy and birth, having an experienced team to support you and facilitate educated choice is a great relief. If I could do it again, I would do nothing differently and gladly choose Sierra Home Birth as our midwives.

Physical Therapist - Colfax


They walked me through everything I needed to know at every step, listened to and respected my wishes, and were very supportive, knowledgeable, and loving at the birth without being overbearing or intrusive.

My husband was with me throughout the birth, physically supporting me when needed and working with the midwives to ensure things were cared for so that I could remain fully present within the birthing space.

With their assistance I was able to experience the birth I had wanted for my first son ~ at home, in the water, pulling my child out from the water to welcome him into his new loving family within our own sacred space. I am so very grateful to these wonderful women!! <3

Stay-at-home Mom – Grass Valley, CA


Our midwives exceeded our expectations for midwifery care in every way possible. They took me on halfway through my pregnancy (when I decided a hospital birth just wasn't for me) and immediately made me feel as if I'd been with them the entire time. Not only were they knowledgeable, professional, and looking out for the best interests of both baby and myself in a medical sense, but they consistently nurtured a space for my husband and I where we could both share our fears and hopes for the birth and parenting in general and receive invaluable advice on so many more things than I even knew could be discussed with midwives. They were a phenomenal support for both of us during my 21 hours of labor, always attentive, aware, and anticipating each detail and need. That support extended far beyond just the birth, and they responded beautifully to other baby-related medical issues I had postpartum. Nine months later, I can say I consider these women to be my friends, and I'd absolutely recommend them to any new or repeat parents a hundred times over.

Author and Editor - Grass Valley, CA


 My experience with midwives: It was everything that I needed in terms of support; knowledge and expertise in all prenatal care, patience, caring listening, experience as mothers themselves. Alongside all of the necessary prenatal supervision I appreciated being heard and when things got interesting, they were solidly there to support and try everything possible. I ended up birthing at the hospital, but was able to birth in essentially the way I had wanted to at home and I'm not sure I would have had the strength to really go for what I wanted without the added help of them being there for me so solidly. Once of my midwives joined us as a doula in the hospital and helped my husband and I together reposition our baby during labor as she wasn't descending in the way we would expect. It made such a difference and now that it is all over, I can't imagine it being any other way! So, 5 stars from this 42 yr. old 2nd time (after 17 yrs.) mom who had multiple unexpected issues that needed addressing over the course of the pregnancy and birth. We are all so grateful for the loving & effective care.

Artist and Teacher – Nevada City, CA


We had a great experience with our midwives. Birthing at home is intimate and transformational. It's not just the birth that you need to consider when choosing a birth team. It's a long journey that includes prenatal and postpartum appointments. My midwives brought experience, confidence and authenticity to their practice. We felt comfortable and supported, whether we were calling at 3:30am to let them know the baby was on the way or texting with a question about breastfeeding a week after the birth. They were focused and helped keep me grounded during the birth. If you are considering them, don't delay! Their client slots for each month fill up! I'm really glad they were able to be our support for this special life experience.

Stay-at-home Mom - Colfax


Amazing, amazing, amazing women. Loved the comfort they brought me during our first home birth. They were always available, something unfamiliar to a city boy. The universe shines its warmth and support through midwives!!!

A Dad – Nevada City, CA


These midwives are amazing. We had our second and third children at home and I would recommend homebirth to anyone. In the sessions we had before the birth they always created a calm and comforting environment where my wife and I were able to ask any questions we had.

In the births themselves they knew exactly what to do and ensured that everything went smoothly. They provided support for the birth itself and also supported my wife and I emotionally though the entire process - they were amazing.

After my oldest son was born he had to spend some time at the NICU. It was very hard for my wife and I, but we were in constant contact with the midwives through the entire ordeal and they even came to see me at the hospital for moral support. I can't recommend homebirth enough.

Software Engineer - Grass Valley, CA